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Legal Disclaimer and Privacy

TAVROS GROUP protects your personal privacy. The given privacy policy describes the kinds of information collected from the website by TAVROS GROUP and how this information is protected and stored.

TAVROS GROUP does not collect any personal information of TAVROS GROUP website users without their voluntary permission.

Within the scope of this Privacy Policy, personal data provided to the system by our visitors (name, e-mail address, office and home address, telephone number) is not shared, is not sold, is not let on lease and is not provided for the use of third parties in any other way.

In case you would not like your personal information to be stored in the system after your visit to TAVROS GROUP website, the website provides complete information on how to proceed and change the data. The given Policy is only effective for this website, but is not effective for our advertisement or promotion information on the websites belonging to third parties.

Collecting personal information

By using the TAVROS GROUP website and voluntarily providing your personal information you accept the Privacy Policy given at this website and its provisions. Private information of our visitors can be collected upon their voluntary permission while they book an apartment sale, fill in the questionnaire or file an e-bulletin request. As long as you do not provide the information voluntarily, no personal data is collected from our website during and after your visits.

Purpose and terms of use of the information collected

TAVROS GROUP uses the information provided upon your permission in order to;
• Send you printed bulletins, magazines and campaign information
• Inform you about campaigns and other developments via e-mail, SMS and fax
• Determine the profile of our visitors
• Evaluate requests, demands and complaints
Personal information and the given data is used only with the above mentioned purposes and during legal investigations upon the court decision or legal procedures.

Collecting other impersonal user information

During the visits to the company website TAVROS GROUP automatically collects the following impersonal data: user load, segments visited, zones clicked etc. This data is solely used to evaluate visitor ratios of different segments of the website, and should not be associated with personal information of website visitors. When cookie technology is used to determine where a visitor comes from or in what way they found the website, again no personal data is collected apart form the general statistics on the number of clicks and views of different segments of the website. This technology makes it easier for frequent users to reach the segments of the website they visit most.

Information Security

All the necessary measures to protect your personal information are taken, and significant investments are made in the field. Restricted access is used in order to prevent unauthorized data access, any data changes or misuse. TAVROS GROUP includes a privacy article in all the agreements signed with service companies in order to prevent the unauthorized use of data by third parties with any purpose. Please for your own safety do not share your password after having registered in the Online Sales System.

Website terms of use

TAVROS GROUP uses its website to announce current campaigns and to inform visitors about various issues and services that are of potential interest to the website users. TAVROS GROUP is entitled to unilaterally update and make amendments to the terms and conditions published on this website without prior notification.

Changes in our Policy

TAVROS GROUP reserves the right to make amendments or to cancel the given Privacy Policy.


In order to express an opinion or send a question regarding the Privacy Policy, or notify a violation of the Privacy Policy, you can use the Conatc Us link. TAVROS GROUP will take the necessary steps in order to meet the given requests. Each visitor of the TAVROS GROUP website has read and accepted all the given provisions.

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