About Us Mission / Vission


Tavros Group is aimed at providing the best services to investors and retail customers in tourism and hotel business. The main goal of the company is to implement its projects according to the highest standards without being bound to the local companies in the region it invests in.

The only compass the company uses on its way is the aim of demonstrating its peculiarity as a global company in various countries by carrying out innovative projects that totally comply with the region. The company mission is to earn respect of investors and retail customers with the highest quality of its projects that are in line with the world’s top architecture and technology.


The most important vision of Tavros Group is development of cities where the company invests. Therefore, its business activities are focused on carrying out environment-friendly projects where commercial concept supports the architecture, as well as on creating jobs in the cities.

The company aims at carrying out unique projects in harmony with the city, without harming the architecture and enriching the natural flora according to the highest standards of landscape design.

Tavros Group values the individual, and sees the task of bringing living spaces into a life style as primary. Providing high quality projects in line with the location and regional infrastructure, and making these projects available for any budget, the company demonstrates that everyone is worth living an international life style. Tavros Group is on its way to becoming a modern, innovative company that uses all the technology available and at the same time pays attention to traditional values in order to be the most preferred tourism investment company in the world.
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